WolfPack Rewards

olfPack Rewards is our way of saying thank you to our loyal customers.

At Wolf Tucker, not only can you feed your dog a healthy and nutritious diet but you can also benefit from our rewards system! Yes, that's right, in exchange for your custom and loyalty we reward our customers Pack Points and these Pack Points convert in to money off vouchers or offers.

From all of us at Wolf Tucker, Thank you!

How To Earn Pack Points



Would you like to refer a friend now? Receive 10% for every friend that orders via your referral link, and they will get 10% off their first order as well! It's really easy, just login to your account and then click on: Refer A Friend


Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Spend my Pack Points?

To spend your points first you will need to login to your account, once logged in click on the yellow "WolfPack Rewards" launcher located in the bottom left hand corner of our website. Once the launcher is open click on 'All Rewards'

Is there a cost to be a member?

WolfPack Rewards is free to all of our customers. This is a little way for us to say thank you for your custom and loyalty.

It's my birthday, when will I receive my birthday Pack Points?

We will reward your birthday Pack Points on the date you have provided. In order to be eligible you must add your birthday at least one month before your birthday is due.

When are my Pack Points awarded?

Once your order has been marked as 'completed' by our staff you will be rewarded your Pack Points - this is typically on the day your order arrives.

When will I receive my 10% off for referring a friend?

Your 10% discount for referring a friend will be credited once your friend has placed their first order. If your friend does not go on to place an order then you will not be eligible to receive the points.