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Wolf Tucker's First Litter


luca-and-elvis-pups-21st-june-11-285.jpgLiz and Paul Storey and Lena Piehl of the Kiromol Rhodesian Ridgeback Kennels decided on a whole new experience of raw feeding for their Rhodesian ridgeback Luca and her puppies.
Lucas puppies were born on the 21st June 2011. Luca had been eating Wolf Tucker during her pregnancy and her owners reported that she kept in fantastic condition. She also remained extremely fit. 

Luca produced 8 healthy puppies. They thrived on her wonderful supply of milk.  Luca’s puppies were content and happy, a sure bet that she was giving them everything they required. Even their stools were firm and lesser in volume than most other commercially fed puppies – no tummy upsets there!

luca-and-elvis-pups-21st-june-11-286-2-.jpgAs the puppies reached the point of weaning they began eating Wolf Tucker puppy food, especially made for their growing needs with all good natural ingredients helping to lessen the risk of allergies. 

As the puppies developed and teething begun they were introduced to Wolf Tucker bones, although too young to be able to eat the bone they practiced the important skills of pulling, tugging and chewing.

These skills enable the puppy to exercise gently from nose to tail. They also promote a healthy mouth, cleaning teeth and massaging gums. The puppies learnt to play amongst themselves with the bones, tugging and throwing them in the air!

luca-and-pup.jpgWhen it was time for the puppies to leave their litter they each went home with a puppy pack courtesy of Wolf Tucker.  Many of the puppies have continued to eat Wolf Tucker and are thriving with fantastic feedback from their new families.

If you would like more information on raising puppies the Wolf Tucker way then please feel free to contact us.

Many thanks to Liz and Paul Storey and Lena Piehl of Kiromol Rhodesian Ridgebacks (Top Breeders 2011) for their input and feedback.