How to transition a dog with no known health or dietary concerns to raw food
If your dog has health or dietary concerns please email us by clicking here

End one day on your dog’s current diet.

2. Fast your dog for 24 hours – Detox is an important part of cleansing the body after the ingestion of processed food. It also helps to prepare the digestive system for the raw diet and ensures that all traces of the kibble diet have left the body. Always provide fresh drinking water when fasting. DO NOT FAST DIABETIC DOGS. DO NOT FAST YOUNG PUPPIES.

3. Begin the following day on the Wolf Tucker raw diet, feeding twice daily or as suggested for puppies.

4. Begin with our chicken or our green tripe meals, either adult or puppy:

Adult Chicken
Puppy Chicken
Naked Chicken
Naked Green Tripe

Keep your dog on this one protein for one week. Both chicken and green tripe are kind proteins both being easily digested. Green tripe contains natural probiotics that can help the stomach adjust to its new diet. 

After the first week you can begin to introduce the following proteins:

Adult Beef (Discontinued - this guide will be updated soon)
Puppy Beef (Discontinued - this guide will be updated soon)
Naked Wild Venison

5. At this stage you can introduce some offal – Offal can include liver, kidney and tripe. 

Adult Chicken Primal (Suitable for puppies)
Adult Lamb Primal (Suitable for puppies)

6. Allow two to three weeks for your dog to have completed the transition. Some pets with dietary issues may take a little longer. We will discuss these later in the guide.

7. This guide can be followed for both adult dogs and puppies that have previously been fed on a diet of kibble or other processed foods. Available in both adult and puppy, our variety packs are an ideal way to continue the Wolf Tucker raw feeding programme:

Oscar's 6Kg Variety Pack (Adult)
Elka's 6Kg Variety Pack (Puppy)