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Subscriptions Terms & Conditions

Our subscription model works as follows. The customer will make the first initial payment with their card and their subscription will be enabled. The customer has the ability to pause, stop or amend their subscription at any time via their account page. In order for us to take an automatic payment for future subscriptions we request the ability to do so via our payment gateway PayPal through the means of what is called a 'reference transaction'. A reference transaction is described on the PayPal website as the following:

"A reference transaction is a financial transaction from which subsequent transactions can be derived. For example, When a buyer makes a purchase on your site, PayPal generates a transaction ID, called a reference transaction ID. Later, you can use the reference ID to initiate another transaction."

Cancellation of a subscription via the customers account page will also cancel the reference transaction which would stop any further payments being taken from the payment method you used to make the initial payment when setting up your subscription.

Alternatively, if you require help in cancelling your subscription please email info@wolftucker.co.uk with your full name.