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Refer A Friend for 200 Pack Points!


When you refer a friend to Wolf Tucker everyone benefits!

  • You will receive 200 pack points! Which can be redeemed for money off coupons
  • Your friend will receive 20% off their first order!

How can you refer a friend to Wolf Tucker?

Follow our easy 5 step guide below...

1. Click on the "Pack Points" link located at the top of our site and a pop up box will be shown to you.

2. You will be shown the number of points you currently have, a box which says "Spend Your Pack Points" and under this box a link which says "Earn More Pack Points". Click on "Earn More Pack Points".

3. You will be presented with 5 options, click on the box which says "Refer A Friend +200 Pack Points".
4. You will now be presented with your unique URL, give this URL to any friend you wish to refer to us. When your friend orders through this URL you will automatically receive 200 Pack Points and they will get 20% off their first order!

5. Alternatively, if you look below your unique URL you will see 3 icons which will allow you to share this unique URL on Facebook, Twitter or via email.

Thank you for choosing Wolf Tucker and for sharing your choice with your friends.