Puppy Weaning Food - Beef (500g)

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Requested by breeders, this weaning food is a combination of fresh beef and ox heart. The food is processed finely into a paste for little mouths. Ideally you will begin to wean your puppies from three to four weeks old, dependent on litter size you may decide to wean earlier. Introduce puppies to the weaning food gradually over two to three days. Feed 5% of the total bodyweight over four meals a day. After one to two weeks the puppies can progress on to Wolf Tucker puppy meals. Give your litter the best start to solid feeding the Wolf Tucker way. Suitable for working dogs. VAT FREE.


100% Beef.

Typical Analysis (g / 100g)~

Moisture: 54.6
Protein: 11.9
Fat: 14.6
Ash: 0.7
Crude Fibre: 4.0

375 Kcal/100g

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