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Oscar's Variety Pack (12 x 500g)

Oscar's Variety Pack contains a selection of our adult minces. All the meals contain high quality proteins, fruit, vegetables, flax oil and sea kelp. A convenient and nutritionally balanced way to feed raw to your dog.
6.00 KGS
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At Wolf Tucker, we are always looking for better ways of doing things and opportunities where we can improve value and make life simpler for our customers. We are delighted to be able to achieve both these goals by bringing you our 6Kg Variety Pack!

We've carefully selected a balanced menu from all our foods and offer them as a boxed product of 12 packs of Wolf Tucker. No more having to think long and hard about which varieties of our raw dog food to choose and then adding them individually to your cart; you can just add this one Variety Pack to your cart to shorten the buying process.

This maximises the efficiency of our packaging by reducing wasted space and helps us reduce our environmental impact. It's the most efficient way of buying your Wolf Tucker! Our packaging sizes fit, 12, 24 and 36 packs of Wolf Tucker; order multiple packs and we will fit them in the optimum box.

The pack contains 12 packs of Wolf Tucker; made up from Oscar's favourites as follows:

4 Packs of Adult Beef & Tripe (500g)
3 Packs of Adult Chicken & Beef (500g)
3 Packs of Adult Chicken & Tripe (500g)
2 Packs of Primal Chicken (500g)

All raw dog food in the Adult Range is suitable for working dogs. VAT FREE.


Recyclable Tub & Sleeve.

Suggested Feeding Order

1. Beef & Tripe
2. Chicken & Tripe
3. Chicken & Beef
4. Primal Chicken
5. Beef & Tripe
6. Chicken & Tripe
7. Chicken & Beef
8. Beef & Tripe
9. Chicken & Tripe
10. Primal Chicken
11. Chicken & Beef
12. Beef & Tripe 


Meet Oscar

You'll love this variety pack as much as Oscar does; just don't tell him - he's not a big fan of sharing his Wolf Tucker!