No Cluck Variety Pack (12 x 500g)

6.00 KGS
Absolutely no trace of chicken within this variety box. A selection of 12 complete raw meals for your dog. Making raw feeding the barf diet easy. Ideal for dogs with allergies. Includes: 4 x Packs of Beef & Tripe Meal, 4 x Packs of Turkey Meal, 4 x Packs of Sprats & Tripe Meal.
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Suitable for adult and puppy dogs. Raw feeding is your way of feeding your dog their natural diet, the barf diet.

Our No Cluck variety pack gives you 12 delicious meals for your dog without a trace of chicken in sight.

Each individual variety pack is made up as follows:

4 Packs of Beef & Tripe Meal (500g)
4 Packs of Turkey Meal (500g)
4 Packs of Sprats & Tripe Meal (500g)

A complete, nutritious and balanced raw dog food. Working dog food.



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