Posted by Wolf Tucker Testimonials on 1st Mar 2016

One fussy whippet can't get enough of Wolf Tucker.

Whippet"Dear Wolf Tucker

I have always fed raw (mastiff, spaniel and whippet) and have experimented over the years with different brands of raw and mixed foods plus supplements and our own meat or from butchers. We have a new puppy arriving and I was reminding myself of the feeding requirements and came across a recommendation for your food. I made my first order and I just wanted to say how very impressed I am with the quality of the food I've tried with our two so far.

One of our current dogs is a spaniel and will eat anything that isn't actually nailed down so isn't so much of a reliable critic but the other is an extremely fussy whippet. The only things he usually launches into with gusto is raw chicken and deer carcasses but he's face down right now removing the pattern from his third bowlful of your 
Naked Green Tripe and Sustain Beef and Tripe mix.

I have bought your 
puppy pack for the new arrival and it's wonderful to see food so full of fantastic things... It is going to make feeding her a snap - thank you so much!! I will be telling ALL my friends about you.

Kudos to such fantastic food!!

Many thanks and kind regards
Mrs Patti W."

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