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Lumi's stomach troubles are over!

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 "It’s early days but her growth and overall advancement is amazing everybody (even the vets!)"

Our very first pup, Lumi was picked up from a breeder in Lincoln on January 14th. She is a cross of many Lupine breeds, one of only 600 in the world, relatively new and unknown in terms of successful rearing. With that in mind it has always been a focus of ours for her to have consistent growth with a nutritionally balanced diet. We enjoy a natural diet and wanted Lumi to enjoy the benefits and variety of that also which a raw diet seems to provide.

After encountering many negative opinions on raw dog food from friends, family and vets, we left Lumi on her original kibble as given to us by the breeder for the first 2 weeks. During this time we encountered continual dietary problems that got increasingly worse. Lumi had loose stools all the time, became listless and disinterested in her food, this combined with failing to put any weight on and night vomiting led us to take her to an emergency 24 hour veterinary hospital at 1am where she saw her third vet in 2 weeks. This vet treated her for the vomiting and gave a course of penicillin which she responded to gradually but remained at just 3.5kg for the 3rd consecutive week. At this time I had a week’s supply of Wolf Tucker Raw Food in the freezer but I had been very reluctant to use it based on her condition and the advice of all vets.

At around 10 weeks and on a ‘wing’ and a prayer, we made the decision to start Lumi on the Wolf Tucker Complete Chicken Puppy food as it had got to a point where her condition couldn’t really get any worse. Her coat and eyes were dull and she showed signs of malnutrition, the worst of which was a clearly protruding rib cage. Within 2 days of changing her diet, her stools became firm, consistent and easily passable. After a few more days her coat became softer and her general demeanour improved noticeably day to day.

Since this point we haven’t looked back and have also introduced Chicken/Tripe, Chicken Primal and Beef/Tripe Complete foods which she absolutely loves. It’s early days but her growth and overall advancement is amazing everybody (even the vets!)

Thank you Wolf Tucker,

Matthew & Taylor