13th May 2015

Interview with Crufts star and Wolf Tucker sponsored owner Rebecca Sargent

WT: How many dogs do you have? Which breeds and how old? What are their names? 

Becky: I currently have 3 dogs, Daisymay – 10 years – Beagle cross Jack Russell we think (she is a rescue), Dolly – 6 years – Border Collie, Luna – 2 years – Border Collie

WT: How long have you been feeding Wolf Tucker? 

Becky: I have been feeding Wolf Tucker to all of my dogs for the last 3 years

WT: Were you raw feeding prior to Wolf Tucker? 

Becky: I had a dabble into raw feeding but if I am honest was a bit lost with all of the diy and complete foods, I am a lover of convenience and was finding DIY very time consuming, I was living on ready meals and then going all over everywhere trying to feed my dogs the variety they need. Little did I know the solution was just around the corner

WT: What made you choose Wolf Tucker for your dogs? 

Becky: It’s the best. The dogs love it. The price is good. The quality is amazing. I also like the fact that it is a family run business and driven by the passion to feed the best quality to the owners dogs. I want someone to support the nutritional needs of my dogs as they would their own and Wolf Tucker by far exceeds this. The expertise behind the food is not something found every day and other similar companies appear to lack the personal touch which is vital to me when they are feeding my dogs.

WT: You campaign your dog’s in agility, as part of the training how important is it that your dog’s eat a balanced diet?

Becky: The same importance good nutrition is to any athlete. Agility is still classed with me as a serious hobby although I am hoping to turn semi-professional in the not too distant future, however the nutrition for my dogs is paramount, even when competing abroad, liaising with Wolf Tucker gave me the confidence that my dogs get the very best out of their food to help them deal with the travel and climate of other countries. Next year I hoping to go to Finland competing and will only be feeding Wolf Tucker. During the summer I will be doing 1 day and 3 day competitions so it is imperative they have the right level of nutrition to ensure peak performance for the whole day.

WT: How long have you been campaigning in the agility world? 

Becky: I have been competing in Agility for 8 years, My dogs are very much my pets and of course princesses but they all love agility so much I cannot ever see me doing anything else although I could be tempted into heel work to music or showing if I had the right dog. My fella loves the Rhodesian Ridgebacks so maybe in the future but who knows.

WT: Are you involved in any other aspect other than competing in the agility world?

Becky: I used to compete internationally in show jumping and dressage but the dogs have taken over and I now do not have any horses but I still go to watch the main events such as Hickstead and take the dogs for an outing.

WT: What does it take for you and your dog to get to the top of your field in agility? 

Becky: Hard work and trust in your team. I have a great support network but there is no price to pay for confidence in the team surrounding you. Wolf Tucker is the foundation blocks for that team. If the nutrition is right then dogs can concentrate and learn more effectively, they can therefore perform better and through correct nutrition the muscles will be correctly developed and strengthened thus reducing injury.

WT: Why do you choose a natural diet over a processed diet for your dog’s? 

Becky: The dogs prefer it and I truly believe the natural way is best. I think common sense prevails regarding a natural diet in that dogs are not designed to go and hunt for additives. Daisy’s skin issues have gone, Dolly has improved in speed and focus since using Wolf Tucker. Luna learns at a frightening pace and is very scary in her drive and focus.

WT: How easy is it to feed Wolf Tucker? 

Becky: Amazingly, when I am away teaching my fella feds the girls and my mum feeds them, all I leave is a note with how much each dog should have and I do not need to worry.

WT: Are you happy that your dog’s are receiving the appropriate nutrients?

Becky: Absolutely, I trust Wolf Tucker completely.

WT: Do you feed raw meaty bones too? If so which ones and why? 

Becky: I feed the large meaty bones and ribs. I love feeding the meaty bones, apart from the fact that I love the dogs having some bone marrow for the nutritional value but more for convenience when I am setting up at a camping show or when they are chilling in the garden it keeps them occupied for ages and there is no better site than your dog laying down with its eyes closed munching on a meaty bone, this is pure satisfaction.

WT: What’s your dog’s reaction at mealtimes? 

Becky: Well, this has been somewhat comical for me because my youngest dog Luna is completely toy mad and doesn’t work very well for food unless she is absolutely starving which isn’t good for her being young so I was worried about her but it has to be said that she howls when I am doing her breakfast and tea!! Dolly and Daisy struggle to let me walk from the fridge to the dog room jumping all over me!!

WT: Do you find the service at Wolf Tucker helpful? 

Becky: Amazingly!! Not just for order processing but for help and advice. I do not profess to be a nutritionist which is the very reason I am very selective about the correct nutrition for my dogs and why I rely on the team at Wolf Tucker to feed my dogs and they are always first class if I need any advice. This is perhaps a result of it being a family orientated and personal business. I really feel that my dogs are being treated as part of the Wolf Tucker family and are fed according to their individual needs.

WT: In one sentence what does feeding Wolf Tucker mean to you? 

Becky: Feeding Wolf Tucker means to me that my precious things in the world are getting the very best of what they need to be both princess pets and exceptional competition dogs.  

See Becky' amazing run at Crufts here: