Posted by Wolf Tucker on 24th May 2017

Bull Terrier Puppy Loves His Raw Food

Thought I would send you a little update on our Bull Terrier puppy. We started him off the day after we picked him up on your completes and he is absolutely loving them. In the two weeks that we have nearly had him he is putting on just under 1 Kg per week and is growing nicely. He always looks forward to food time and polishes off your food with no problems. No upset tummy and really good back end too :D 

Will purchase some Beef meals soon to add to the Green TripeChicken and Chicken & Tripe that he has had so far. I hand fed him a chicken wing last week and he absolutely loved it :) safe to say that the he is loving raw feeding and looks brilliant on it! Thanks again for all of your advice and your great food, we have one very happy bull terrier puppy that always looks forward to food time.