Posted by Wolf Tucker Testimonials on 17th Feb 2016

"Both dogs are in superb condition & love their food"

We love to hear from our customers and their four legged friends! Read Lynsey's testimony as she switched from dry kibble food to feeding Wolf Tucker, raw dog food:


"I have Rafferty, (16 month old Rough Collie), and Hero (16 week old Rhodesian Ridgeback). I knew a little bit about raw feeding but had never really tried it. Rafferty was on a very expensive kibble food which was good quality, but he was still prone to stomach upsets, as his breed often are. When I got Hero in December, I started to look into raw feeding more and found Wolf Tucker. I placed my first order at the start of January.


Hero is now 16 weeks old and was raw fed from 9 weeks. She is thriving. Rafferty has also made the switch and his stomach is massively improved. Both dogs are in superb condition and absolutely love their food! Rafferty was a picky eater before, but now he can't wait for me to put the food down!

I did try another raw brand a few weeks ago, for variety, but neither of my dogs took to it and either one or the other had a stomach upset on it. As soon as I went back to Wolf Tucker they were both fine again. I will definitely be sticking with it! The speed and convenience of the delivery is another plus point: no waiting for a week or 10 days after placing your order!"

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