Posted by Testimonials on 22nd Jul 2016

A life changing decision to switch from kibble to raw

One week after replacing her dry food with Wolf Tucker (Chicken, and Beef and Tripe), the difference in her was incredible!!"

Hi Wolf Tucker team.

I am so impressed with the change in Ella since we replaced her Kibble with Wolf Tucker raw food.

We got her 18 months ago from a working kennels - the game keeper said she just didn't cut it in time trials (although we find that hard to believe watching her race after pheasant and rabbits !!)

Ever since she has been with us we have fed her the highest quality dry food but she consistently suffered from wet stools and tummy issues. She’s a very active dog, needs (and gets!) a lot of exercise and normally thrives on it but the upset tummy bouts were making her tired and listless.

I found out a few months ago that she was fed on a raw food (mainly tripe) diet as a working dog and did some research on it, I ended up on your site after reading about you, and ordered a months worth of food.

One week after replacing her dry food with Wolf Tucker (Chicken, and Beef and Tripe), the difference in her was incredible!! - She had more energy, was brighter and we noticed her stools were firmer and smaller as the weeks went on, there was no sign of any tummy upsets. Without prompting, people who saw her regularly remarked on her eyes looking brighter, coat shiny and energy levels increased…

The months “trial” ended yesterday … She always did have loads of energy and was in good condition but now, she seems to have boundless energy, is in great condition looks brighter and LOVES her new food. .. I have just ordered the next months supply and will continue to feed her Wolf Tucker food.

Thankyou for making Ella a happier dog!!