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Introducing Rebecca Sargent & Her Dogs

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Hello, my name is Rebecca Sargent and this is my first blog. I suppose that would lead me to say that it can only get better!

Who Am I?

Well I am a late 30’s (hate that phrase) ex equestrian (equibabe) who lives in the North (south of the wall for the GOT fans) who has been completely consumed by the evolving dog sport of Dog Agility!

I have been feeding Wolf Tucker raw dog food for approximately 9 years. It has been an amazing partnership and journey with the Wolf family and I am hoping it can continue for many years.

My experience began 12 years ago when my unruly terrier cross Daisy-May needed some serious training. This was just to be a pet! She is Beagle x Jack Russell Terrier and has virtually no life skills!

What a learning curve she was. It is thanks to the skill and education of Nick and Christine Robson and Wilmslow DTC I owe everything! They taught me patience and consistency, two skills I take with me everywhere and use every day! Daisy taught me so much about training dogs and finally got to grade 6.5 (2 wins to 7) before a genetic condition prevented her from doing agility at the priority of her home life as my princess!

Since Daisy I have been so fortunate with my collies, everyone said I would end up with a collie, van and caravan. Although I spent much time in denial I have been defeated by the addiction of dog agility! My new Bailey Phoenix arrived in February this year and my caged Caddy has been with me since 2015!

I have a few different hats that I wear; By day I am an operations manager for the health and safety training division of a PLC in the construction industry. I love my day job, sometimes the balance is tricky but it always gets back on track.

By night/weekends I am an agility judge, measurer, senior measurer and North West rep for the agility liaison council.

I also am the Assistant for Dog Agility Team GB and am the manager for the development program (part of the team selection process). I get to work with some of the best dogs and handlers in the world and feel very privileged to be able to support them at the European and World Agility Championships.

Who are the dogs?

So I have 3 collies now, Daisy is now 15 and a lady of leisure.

Dolly (Raeannes Aurora) is my blue merle girlie and is an Agility Champion, she has won the novice, British Open, and singles finals at Crufts, represented Team GB and taught me how to run and train competitively. In my eyes she is the gin to my tonic. Dolly was bred by Angela Gadenne, she arrived in 2009 and completely changed my world.

Luna (Starside Sky’s the Limit) is Grade 6 and has been responsible for my development as a trainer and a handler, she is so honest and genuine and her role in my career continues to go as the sport is evolving at an alarming rate. Bred by Pat Ward, Luna allows me to grow and develop my handling skills and competes in many of the same classes as Dolly. She is the sweetest girl to live with and is the best therapy after a stressful day doing my normal job!

Xena (Zhanigos Warrior Princess) is my new addition and although she is 10 months old it feels like she has been with me forever. Bred by my treasured friend Sian Ilingworth and Gill Thomas. She is showing super signs of trainability and athleticism for Agility and her future will hopefully be as bright as she is.

My dogs have an active family life of snuggles, cuddles, beach and forest walks as well as agility training and I also like my dogs to do tricks. I take their well-being very seriously and as such their diet consists of Wolf Tucker raw dog food! it provides them with the correct nutrition for their work life balance and it provides their power and fuel for the demands of their favourite time (agility time)

I hope this gives you an insight into my little world! Keep a look out for the next blog

Rebecca x

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