New To Raw Feeding Guide

Raw feeding your dog and/or cat is an exciting journey! In our NEW to RAW guide we will take you through each step of this journey and before you know it - you will be a raw feeding pro just like the rest of us. 

Please read this entire guide to understand fully how to start on raw feeding, the videos will also help you to take in this information.

1. Raw Feeding Pointers
2. Transition to Raw
3. Top 7 Raw Feeding Tips for Beginners
4. Other Useful Guides & Information

 Up first, some raw feeding pointers...

Transition To Raw

The first important step once you have decided to feed raw is the transition stage, watch our video below for a quick guide to get you started

When you choose to start your pet on a raw diet  we have a very easy to follow guide so you can transition from your pets current diet over to Wolf Tucker. So we simply ask you to end one day on your dog's current diet and start the following day on the raw diet. We do suggest that you fast your dog for 24 hours to help remove any toxins from the system and cleanse the gut to prepare it for the raw diet. We do suggest that you don't fast diabetic dogs or puppies. Start with a gentle protein, a protein of our choice would be green tripe which contains natural pro-biotics and enzymes which will help your dog transition smoothly - if however tripe puts you off we have a great alternative which is the combined Chicken & Tripe meal. You would use either of these proteins for a week to ten days and monitor your pet for any changes or digestive issues (which is highly unlikely but always worth observing).

Once your dog has been on the Green Tripe or Chicken & Tripe (Adult, or Puppy) for up to a week then we can include other proteins to help gain a balance in your pets diet, we can start including proteins such as beef, lamb, venison, duck, white fish and then we can include in small quantities liver, and raw meaty bones.

The changes you may notice in your pet within a week or two will be your pets stools (being firmer, smaller, less frequent and less odor), also your pets skin and coat will improve (a healthy, glossy coat without dandruff or scaly skin), for people with pets where mobility is a problem you may notice your pets are more agile with less problems getting up from a sleeping or sitting position, dogs with digestive issues (IBD, collitis) you will notice an improve and you may notice your pet has a new zest for life! which of course, thrills and fulfills pet owners. Pets in the UK, particularly dogs - we have noticed a growing intolerance and increase of allergies (leading to itchy skin, itchy ears, hot spots, sore feet etc) and it becomes a huge problem for owners - and as we usually see, switching to a raw diet will help relieve these symptoms. In general, we see pets that switch to raw are far more happier.

Top 7 Raw Feeding Tips for Beginners

1. Always follow our transition guide to ensure your dog/cat switches from their current diet to a raw diet.

2. Follow hygiene and safety guidelines. Just as you would when handling raw meat to cook for yourself.

3. Relax. We like to enjoy the process of raw feeding our pets, sometimes it can seem daunting for new raw feeders so take some time and watch as your dog/cat thrive on raw.

4. Store product in the freezer and defrost in the fridge.

5. Feed in a stainless steel bowl (or better yet, a Hero bowl designed as the worlds most hygienic dog food/water bowl)

6. Watch as your dog/cat 'wolfs' down (excuse the pun) their Wolf Tucker - and then wash the bowl/utensil with hot soapy water.

7. Wash down all surfaces and utensils to ensure a clean area once again - AND, don't forget to wash your hands! :)

 Other useful information...

- The Raw Feeding Guide
- How much should I feed my adult dog / puppy dog
- Dog weight loss programme
- Storing, Defrosting & Handling Wolf Tucker Raw Meals

And as always, we are here to help! If you have any further questions or require any help working out daily feeding amounts etc please feel free to call us on 01243 641 983 or why not Get In Touch via email.