Naked Venison (500g)

Wolf Tucker
Venison is a particularly useful protein source for dogs with allergies, making it a useful alternative to chicken or beef. Venison is a good source of B vitamins, minerals and iron.
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Our Naked Venison meal can be a useful protein for dogs with allergies or food sensitivities and can be fed with our other hypoallergenic meats.

Venison is a good source of Thiamin, Riboflavin, Vitamin B6, Phosphorus and Zinc, and a very good source of Niacin and Vitamin B12.

Suitable for adult dogs and puppies.

Animal proteins and fats are the most important factor in your dog’s diet; through each life stage they support the canine body and mind. We recommend feeding a variety of protein sources to create a balance in your dog’s diet. These meals can be fed alongside our current ranges or you may choose to add your fruit and vegetables. Working dog food.

Please note you may occasionally find fur in our venison meal, this is completely normal and can be consumed by your dog.

A complimentary raw food for dogs.


100% Venison

Typical Analysis  (g/100g)

Protein: 17.4
Fat: 17.3
Ash: 0.8
Moisture: 63.3
Crude fibre: <1


Recyclable Tub & Sleeve.