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Loyalty Program

Welcome to the Wolf Tucker Pack Points rewards program!!! 

We’ve been investigating a number of ways in which we can reward our loyal customers and offer even more value for money whilst involving you in helping to build our award-winning brand. We get many of our new customers from recommendations from our existing ones; these are the very best recommendations for us so we wanted to ensure we had an easy way to reward that.

We also wanted to develop a way of rewarding our long term customers; so often companies forget about their long term customers - we didn't want Wolf Tucker customers to feel the same about us. With our programme, the longer you are with us, the higher the reward.

We are delighted to be the first pet food manufacturer in the world to offer such a loyalty program for it's customers!

1. How does it work?
2. What rewards can I get?
3. How to earn Pack Points?
4. How can I redeem my Pack Points?
5. Terms & Conditions

How It Works:

The program is open to all of our customers with the exception of our trade and breeder's club members.

All of our customers who have registered an account with Wolf Tucker are automatically enrolled on the program.

To see your points you just need to log into your Wolf Tucker account and click on “Pack Points” at the top of the page.

Don’t have an account? Join the Pack Points rewards program by creating a new account today.


£5 Discount: 250 Pack Points
£10 Discount: 450 Pack Points
£20 Discount: 650 Pack Points

The more the points you accumulate, the higher the discount you receive!

Ways To Earn Pack Points:

  • Create a store account: +50 Pack Points
  • Make an order: +1 Pack Point for every £1 spent
  • Refer a friend: +100 Pack Points (Your friend gets a 10% off coupon)
  • Your Birthday: +50 Pack Points
  • Follow Us On Facebook: +10 Pack Points

We will be adding further rewards in the near future! 

I would like to redeem my pack points. How do I do it?

Computer Desktop: When you have earned enough points to get a discount, log into your account and click the “Pack Points” link at the top of any page to view your account balance. You will be shown a pop up box which will display the number of points you have available, below this information is a button which reads 'Spend Your Pack Points' - click this button. You will now be shown three options £5, £10 or a £20 off coupon. If you have enough Pack Points the button which reads "Redeem" next to the list of coupon choices will highlight a dark green when you hover over it with your mouse. Click the 'Redeem' button, the text on this button will change to 'Confirm' - click the button once again to confirm and you will be presented with a unique coupon code. Copy this coupon code and paste it in to the check out to deduct the value of the coupon from your order.

Ipad/Tablet: When you have earned enough points to get a discount, log into your account and click the “Loyalty Programme” link at the bottom of any page to view your account balance. If you have earned enough points to redeem a reward then a reward button will appear on the “Rewards” tab. Simply click the button which says "Redeem", you will notice the text change to "Confirm", click it a second time and you will be provided with a unique coupon code to be entered when you checkout to claim the discount. The code is a unique, one time code and it will also be emailed to you.

*Note - Pack Points are issued to customers upon order shipment/completion.

Terms & Conditions: 

1 The Pack Points launch date is 12th April 2016. Any online purchases made on or after this date are eligible for the Pack Points program. Please note that we cannot combine accounts or award points for returned or cancelled purchases.  We reserve the right to limit the number of rewards. 
2. Pack Points are excluded from taxes, discounts and shipping costs.
3. Coupon codes cannot be combined. Only one coupon code may be used per purchase and the reward cannot be used with any other Wolf Tucker promotion.
4. The program is not open to Trade or Breeder's Club customers.

ollow Us On Facebook: +10 Pack Points