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Elka's Puppy Pack (12 x 500g)

Elka's Variety Pack contains a selection of our puppy minces. All the meals contain high quality proteins, fruit, vegetables, flax oil and sea kelp. A convenient and nutritionally balanced way to feed raw to your growing puppy.
6.00 KGS
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Available on ALL orders over 12Kg* (24 x 500g packs of food) - *T&C's


Raw feeding can be a daunting prospect when you first get your puppy with confusing choices presented at a time when you really want to ensure your puppy has every nutritional requirement met. We've done all the hard work for you with Elka's 6Kg Puppy Pack providing 12 packs of 500g of Wolf Tucker, ideally formulated for your puppy.

We've carefully selected a balanced menu from all our puppy raw dog food and offer them as a boxed product of 12 packs of Wolf Tucker. No more having to think long and hard about which varieties of our raw dog food to choose and then adding them individually to your cart; you can just add this one Variety Pack to your cart to shorten the buying process.

This maximises the efficiency of our packaging by reducing wasted space and helps us reduce our environmental impact. It's the most efficient way of buying your Wolf Tucker! Our packaging sizes fit, 12, 24, and 36 packs of Wolf Tucker; order multiple packs and we will fit them in the optimum box.

The pack contains 12 packs of Wolf Tucker; made up from Elka's favourites as follows:

4 Packs of Puppy Beef & Tripe (500g)
3 Packs of Puppy Chicken (500g)
3 Packs of Puppy Chicken & Tripe (500g)
2 Packs of Primal Chicken (500g) Suitable for puppies.

All of our raw dog food is suitable for all breeds and types of dogs, including working dogs. Elka has been 100% raw fed since birth; from our weaning products, through the puppy range and now onto the adult meals. She's fit, strong, incredibly fast with the vitality to keep running all day long. She is proof that you get out what you put in. Suitable for working dogs. VAT FREE.



Recyclable Tub & Sleeve.

Suggested Feeding Order

1. Beef & Tripe
2. Chicken
3. Primal Chicken
4. Chicken & Tripe
5. Beef & Tripe
6. Chicken
7. Chicken & Tripe
8. Beef & Tripe
9. Chicken
10. Primal Chicken
11. Chicken & Tripe
12. Beef & Tripe

  1. Amazing   Posted by jessica stewart on 10th May 2019

    So so good, my pup loves it, literally gone in seconds, comes in handy recyclable tubs with clear labels with a list of all the ingredients. So so easy to measure out and prepare (well there's literally nothing to prepare) as it's all done for you, was amazed that Ozzy's months worth of tucker arrived fully frozen and ready to be stored in the freezer. Really quick delivery. If there is a monthly subscription please put us down for it.

  2. Puppy loves it   Posted by stephen jennings on 11th Apr 2019

    Starting a new ridgeback puppy on raw and f’ve tried a couple of different brands. Wolf Tucker has so far been Morty’s favourite.
    Just the act of opening the tub results in a wagging tail by my side

  3. puppy   Posted by Sharon Blairs on 4th Apr 2019

    Pup absolutely loves this food. Gone in seconds. Deff worth money.

  4. New to serving my puppies raw food   Posted by Izzy and Ollie on 15th Mar 2019

    Having taken a few weeks to debate and review all information on best way to feed dogs, I feel its only fair to try Amy pups on a very natural diet, it appeared via all my investigation that there are too many processed/treated foods i.e kibble and cooked packet processed meats. So I am going to try a very natural high protein diet, my dogs will let me know if my decision is correct. I have chosen Wolf Tucker due to happy owners feedback .
    So far I have received excellent service and next day delivery.

  5. Yum Yum Yum!   Posted by caroleabrahart@msn.com on 1st Mar 2019

    All 3 of my pups have started on this and have loved every bite, excellent quality NO wastage at all. Fantastic variety.

  6. Puppy loves it   Posted by Amy on 14th Feb 2019

    Prior to purchasing our puppy was just fed kibble from a mainstream pet store, we switched to Wolf Tucker as she was experiencing an upset stomach quite often. Since changing she is like a different dog, she is more healthier and loves her new food, we're having to buy a slow down bowl as she can't wait to wolf it down. Will definitely be repurchasing.

  7. our puppy loves it   Posted by Giles Peck on 13th Jan 2019

    We have been using Wolf Tucker Elka pack puppy food for a year now and our pedigree Westie has grown into a fine young dog.
    He clears the dish every time!
    He also loves the occasional small “treat” that often comes with the 12-pack delivery!!!

  8. Wolf It Down   Posted by Pete Chester on 25th Oct 2018

    They love it !!

  9. Top quality   Posted by Heather Howe on 11th Oct 2018

    Our Ridgeback puppy had been weaned on Wolf Tucker and we have continued to use it. It’s excellent value and very convenient to use. Our pup is nearly 5 months now and has not once had an upset stomach and we feel this is largely to do with her healthy diet. Everywhere we go she is admired for her beautiful, silky coat and condition and this has got to be due to her Wolf Tucker diet!

  10. Our Vizsla loves it.   Posted by Taylor on 22nd Apr 2018

    We ditched the boring dry kibble that probably tastes like soil & got our Puppy on the good stuff. He "Wolfs" it down every meal & already people commenting on his shiny coat & amazing toned body.

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