Below are a few testimonials sent in to us from our satisfied customers. If you would be happy to recommend us, please do just drop us an email with a picture of your best friend(s) and we'll place it up here.


Recent Testimonials


Quinn Testimony"Hi. Just wanted to show you how much good Wolf Tucker has done to a rescue Shar Pei we've taken in under RACR. We've had numerous tests done at the vets, tried hypo-allergenic foods, raw chicken and lamb. As one last try I Googled for other foods wanting to stick to raw and came across Wolf Tucker. 

I was amazed to read the ingredients in the beef, with ox heart, fruit and veg, kelp and flax oil! All nutrition in there already! So I ordered some and low and behold Quinn's skin healed, the cracked weeping sores dried out, the dry flakey skin vanished and fur is starting to grow back! All in the Space of two weeks! I couldn't believe it! His weight is gaining also and he is getting less ear infections. Absolutely amazing!"

- A. Cuthbert, via Email






Hi my name is Mac, I'm 3 & have been on WolfTucker for nearly a year. I was on dried commercial food as recommended by my breeder however was always sicky & runny poos. Then my hooman mum joined a miniature schnauzer forum & someone recommended this site. Am I glad coz since then my tummy problems have cleared up my coat is shiny shiny & my teeth are perfect coz she also gets me raw bones. Please put my picture on your site coz my hooman mum thanks you for giving me a healthy life & coz she thinks I'm really handsome. - Mac Kilday, Via Email.





"We have been lucky enough to have owned a large family of golden retrievers since 1994. We have been through numerous foods over the years. It became very clear early on that the main brands of dry and and tinned foods were full of unnatural and unhealthy additives that upon further research can cause short & long term health problems for our dogs. 

Having decided to try them on raw food some 3 years ago we again went through a process of research, taking advice from other breeders and vets.

One of the top breeders in Goldens recommended Wolftucker. We had been through a number of other brands and like others on this page we found problems with the consistency when defrosted…our boys were not impressed.

After speaking with Mandy and Brian about the production and content of their products we placed our first order. The variety offered also took our eye.

The affect of the food has been as follows;

- All of them love it 
- Their coats are thicker and have more shine
- Good development of bone through puppy phase
- Much less comes out the other end
- Their stools are solid ( not one upset tummy in five dogs )
- Happy Mum & Dad because we know that what our boys are getting, is the best we could find and the results bear this out.

We have recommended Wolftucker to fellow breeders and dog walking friends.Those that have tried it have thanked us…..

As responsible parents ( knowing that we are in control of their diet & therefore health to a certain degree) we strongly recommend Wolftucker and hope that the word spreads about how good this stuff is!!"

- Chris & Lisa, via Website.


meg.jpg"I was quite nervous about changing my dog’s diet as she has been diabetic for the last five months and although lots of my friends have changed the vet was cautioning against it. I wish I had changed sooner! The diabetic dry food that my dog was on was not doing her any good at all - after only one meal of Wolf Tucker Chicken her glucose level dropped and we haven’t looked back. Her coat has always been glossy but her skin always a bit dry - that has all cleared up on a BARF diet and she looks fantastic. I couldn’t quite believe the other reviews about dogs having more energy too but it is so true. My Meg is 10 1/2 years old and with stiff hips had given up chasing rabbits - but last week she sprinted 50 yards after a bunny and is definitely livelier. Her anal glands are in a better state too - in fact it is hard to overstate just what a difference the raw diet has made to her. The vet is saying she may have to reconsider her opinion about a raw diet as Meg is doing so well on it. It is of course a joy to feed her something so delicious instead of dry biscuits." 


- Pam Johnson, via Email.




"My 12 y/o Westie Oscar has been prone to diarrhoea for years. It was getting worse and worse, cow pat poos at best, pure liquid a lot of the time. He was hardly eating anything and was visibly fading away. I read about raw feeding and after many emails and a long telephone conversation with Mandy I decided to try it. I put it down for the first time with some trepidation. Oscar sniffed it, looked at me, sniffed again then devoured it! Every meal time he dances around asking for it. He’s put weight  back on and is producing lovely firm logs. He’s bright eyed, glossy and far more energetic. He’s been on Wolf Tucker for 3 months now and is as keen as ever. My only regret is I didn’t do this years ago, but better late than never.


Update on Oscar: "Although I sound like a drama queen I credit Wolf Tucker with saving my Westies life. At 13 he's like a five year old. Before I switched he was visibly and literally fading away. It's so hard to persuade people to try raw: they're brainwashed by advertising. My one regret is I didn't switch ten years ago." 


 - Henry Partridge, via email





"Having compared Wolf Tucker with Natural Instinct, Nutriment & Honey's, I've found Wolf Tucker to be the best. Kodi prefers the coarse ground texture of Wolf Tucker and when defrosted, it's moist, but not sloppy as some of the other brands are. To me that suggests more meat and less liquid for your money."


Pete Turner, via email






"Storm and Ice have been very fussy eaters since pups and finding the right food that didnt upset there tummys has been a real challenge, plus storm has a zinc deficiency ZRD which only added to the problem, we have tried the best kibble and wet food on the market even ordered from the USA but either it didnt agree with them or they didnt like it, we were at our wits end when I came across WOLFTUCKER and thought we'd give it a go and havent looked back since they love it and are thriving into beautiful adult Huskies. 


Thank You WolfTucker i now have no headaches and my dogs are healthy and happy ."


- Sheila Tidswell, via email





"Alfie, our six year old chocolate lab, has been on Wolftucker now for around two months. Amazingly, after years of having problems with his ears (as a result of allergies, a recent and expensive allergen test proved), we were advised to go for a BARF diet. In the short eight week window in which Alfie has been eating Wolftucker his ears have cleared up, his coat is turning softer and more glossy and he’s not only more puppy like but comes to us for constant loving and cuddling; something he never used to do, we think because of his sore ears. We’ve been so impressed that we have decided to ditch the expensive kibble our nine month old golden lab, Daisy, has been having, in favour of giving her Wolftucker, too." 


- Chris, via email

"The breeder, of our absolutely wonderful 13 week old Norfolk, Jack Russell and Border Terrier mix puppy, Eddie, very strongly suggested that we continued feeding him with Wolf Tucker. As soon as we opened one of the boxes of puppy food, we immediately realised why she was so insistent. We, honestly, don’t know why any owner think of feeding their dog/s anything else. Not only is the food excellent quality, and delicious (according to Eddie) but the friendly, helpful service, choice of foods, and prompt delivery from Wolf Tucker is faultless (according to his Mum & Dad!)."


Belinda & David Rozalla, via email






"Daisy Mae does better on Wolf Tucker than any other raw food :-)"


- Fran Griffin, via Facebook Page. 



"It is nearly 12 months since Kaz went on to Wolf Tucker thanks to Rachel at Shombay and he is acting like a Puppy even though he is now 10 years old. I cannot thank Wolf Tucker enough for what it has done to my beloved Rhodesian Ridgeback. He is very fit, his coat is shiny and I feel sure the way he is at the moment I will have him for at least another 6 years.


Once again THANK YOU WOLF TUCKER for a very Happy and Healthy Kaz I love my Wolf Tucker Woof!!!!"


- Kaz & Margaret, via email


inkosikazi-dog-training1.jpg"After 8years of making my own mix of BARF diet for my dogs, I was tempted to try Wolf Tucker, a quality measured and prepared raw food. I must say my dogs were very impressed and loved the meals, the variety of ingredients was superb - devouring every meal with vigour! One of my dog's Zuma has allergies to many feed products, so I was very pleased that her skin was healthy and clear the whole time during her Wolf Tucker trial. Both Zuma and Dipstick particularly enjoyed the lamb ribs, chicken carcasses, and wings immensely.


Thank you for such well researched, balanced and palatable meals!"


- Emma Lovejoy, Inkosikazi Dog Training via email


boris.jpg"Dear Wolf Tucker - I love my food! My tummy doesn’t get upset now which means I don’t have to go to the Vet every couple of months! A kind man delivers every 2 weeks, and although I bark at him every time, I’m pleased to get my grub delivery. Mother used to have to put all sorts of treats into my food to make the dry stuff palatable (yuk), but now I look forward to meal times. What’s more, if mother doesn’t feed me at the right time, I park myself at my bowl so that she knows it’s time for my grub. Yours, Boris."


- Boris (presumably his Mum Phyllis Stacey sent the email!)




cleo-fed-on-wolftucker.jpg"I cannot thank you enough for your food!! Up until August 2012 we were noticing drastic behaviour changes in our 4 year old Parsons Russell Terrier, Cleo.From a dog who loved other dogs to a dog who became very dog reactive in a matter of months we knew something was wrong. After several tests, Cleo has been diagnosed with a liver dysfunction and IBD (Inflammatory bowel disease).


Previously kibble fed, a scan revealed (after 16 hours starvation) her stomach was still full... We knew something had to change with her diet...


After trialling different foods, nothing seemed to bring the best out in Cleo until we found Wolf Tucker!


We have never seen Cleo looking so good and content on a food with no digestive upsets. Wolf Tucker was love at first bite for Cleo and love at first sight for us seeing the results!


Although we have lots of (positive) behaviour adjustment training ahead we can be assured that her diet is the best diet for her and can now concentrate on the road ahead without having to worry about trying different foods and digestive upsets.


Thank you so much Wolf Tucker! Without you we would still be battling finding a suitable food for our much loved fur-kid :-) Thank you thank you thank you!"


- Keeley Adsett, via email




"We reared our last Kiromol litter on Wolftucker Raw food and were very pleased with the results. Luca (their dam) was fed Wolftucker throughout her pregnancy also. Luca's coat gleamed and she didn't lose any of her muscle tone. The puppies were the absolute picture of health, never once having any upset tummies or itchy skin. They never seemed to be hungry between feeding times nor were they ever fussy and never refused to eat. They were a very content and happy litter, and probably our easiest litter to rear so far."


- Liz StoreyKiromol Rhodesian Ridgebacks (Breeder of the Year 2011) from Berkhamsted.




"Having been a BARF advocate for over 16 years & owning racing showing breeding & judging sled dogs Alaskan Malamutes & Siberian Huskies I have finally found a company that produce natural food at a very cost effective price, the 8 puppies & 12 adults have all enjoyed their mince & look forward to their next delivery...Fantastic customer service & a great product."


- Lorraine Le Fevre, Kegluneq Sled Dogs via Facebook Page






shombay-litter.jpg"Thank you" just does not seem adequate enough to convey how we at Shombay Rhodesian Ridgebacks feel about rearing our latest litter on Wolf Tucker and the BARF diet. Hurrah!!! - no more upset stomachs, just 10 wonderful healthy puppies with gleaming coats and an obviously happy gut - and such a quiet and contented litter too!


The knowledge, enthusiasm and help you have given us has been amazing and together with your “super food” we are very very happy customers!


- Rachel Tredwell & Wayne Symonds, Shombay Rhodesian Ridgebacks




 "Since feeding my Rhodesian Ridgeback KAZ on Wolf Tucker after only 2 deliveries he cannot get enough of it. A


Thank you Wolf Tucker."s soon as I go to the Fridge to get his Wolf Tucker out he is dancing and prancing about. I have notitced a change in his coat, it is more shiny than before and he is full of energy, he was before but he is more so.


- Margart Tillotson-Wood, via Contact Us Form






"All I can say is I'm sooooooo happy I started my patter dale on your food , I was at the point of desperation because he wasn't eating his food and it was really upsetting me because I thought what food I was getting him was the best (natures diet )! Then I spoke to my sis who was giving her Sussex spaniels WolfTucker. Now I'm so incredibly happy because he is one happy energetic cant eat my food quick enough dog. So I just felt I had to send this to say a MASSIVE thank you : ) and I will be buying this food and telling everyone about it. Thank you again." 


- Debbie Blackley, recommended friend, via Contact Us Form




"I have always fed my 17 year old Yorkshire Terrier Sophie on mixed biscuits and cooked chicken.  As she has got older she developed colitis and slowed down in general. I wanted to see if I could improve her quality of life and looked into feeding an alternative diet. That’s when I discovered Wolf Tucker. Sophie has been eating Wolf Tucker now for around nine months and the benefit is so noticeable. Whereas as before I would carry her on her walk she now happily trots about. Her colitis has improved significantly also. In general she has more energy and seems much happier".


- Jennifer Hammond, from Chichester.


"Just wanted to say a massive thank you for the generous box of Wolf Tucker. As I said before the babes loved it. I had a suspicion that Bilbo couldn't have chicken but did a 3 day trial on yours & his tummy was the best it has ever been!! He had still been passing some blood in his faeces but this stopped on your food :) Also the smell of your food is great, I love it. I'm quite tempted to put it in a pan!!!!!! I will certainly be recommending it to my puppy owners".


- Tracey Doughty, from Grantham.


“Both my girls love their Wolf Tucker and I love the shiny coats and healthy dogs I see every day. I couldn’t buy better.”          


- Sue Whitelock, from Poole.


"If anyone is tempted to try this food for their dog but is unsure then I can thoroughly recommend it. Have tried all options for my German Shepherd and he loves it, bones & chicken carcasses as well. Very impressed with delivery and value for money....go on people give it a try."


- Yvonne Armson, via Facebook Page


"Thank you for Stella's Primal Chicken! I usually make my own raw mix but she's been off her food with a phantom and foot surgery. She's cleaned up her Wolf Tucker in seconds so thank you!!!!"


- Jane Conlon via Facebook Page


"Just to let you know that Charlie loves the chicken - he eats with gusto (which has never been the case with previous brands)....I wish I had known about this website sooner, I would have saved a tremendous amount of money trying various hypo-allergenic tinned food which he hated....


Thank you so much, from a very happy dog lover."


- Nerina Scott, via Contact Us Form


"I would just like to thank you and all the team at Wolf Tucker for the Service you provide. Your passion speaks volumes and is shown in your product.


I have been using Wolf Tucker for the past two months and what a massive difference I have seen in my two Sussex Spaniels. They have beautiful soft glowing coats and I have seen a massive improvement with their eye's and ear's.


Feeding time is a pleasure now, they love the food - they think its their birthdays every day now! 
I have tried so many branded foods over the years and there is NOTHING that compares to Wolf Tucker. So on behalf of Ellie & Betty my Sussex Spaniels THANK YOU."


- Tracy Blackley, via Contact Us Form


"This food is so great. I have been feeding Ziggy our 1 year border collie on raw prey model diet since he was 6 months. But changed to this diet and it is the best of both worlds when combined with the marrow bones! 


And, he loves it more than anything I have ever fed him! :) He keeps going back to his bowl and looking for more! Thank you wolftucker!"


- April Mellor and Ziggy, via email