Why Does My Pet Love Their Raw Diet?

Posted by Mandy M on 22nd Jul 2020

Why Does My Pet Love Their Raw Diet?

The converted of us know why we feed our pets a raw diet; our due concern for mass produced kibble and the questions regarding digestibility and the nutrient content have been our main reasons for making the switch to a raw diet.

It would be beneficial to know what our pets think of this change, if we can just go by the reaction most of us get when we serve up their raw food you would assume that they very much agree with our decision to feed them a natural and species appropriate diet. We probably all agree that at the end of the day our pets want something very palatable and of course a full belly.

What does make raw food, primarily meat so tasty?

Do our pets know that the enzymes in their food help with digestion and the absorption of nutrients? Probably not, but perhaps they get a good feeling. Do they know that their raw food contains optimum nutrients, preserved in a raw state and not destroyed by heat? I very much doubt it, but they feel well and active. Are they aware of their stronger, healthier immune system? They feel well and don’t need so many visits to the vets, but do they relate this to their diet?

Our raw fed pets get so many compliments about their beautiful glossy coats, their sparkling eyes and of course their small and non offensive poops, it’s a wonder they haven’t all turned vain! I think if I were to ask my dogs why they like their raw diet, they would simply say it tastes good, it smells good and it feels good. I don’t think I need any better answer than that!