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Growing Herbs For Your Pet

06th May 2022

In the ideal world, all dog owners would have a garden for their dogs to spend time in, with grass and plants available for self-selection, and a nice area of ground to explore with those sensitive noses of theirs for some mental stimulation. However, not everyone has that luxury, so if you live in a flat or only have a courtyard/balcony/roof garden, then know that there are still things you can grow there with your dog specifically in mind. Today we are going to talk about what herbs you can grow in your garden, whether large or small, to be available for your pet to self-select if they feel the urge. Read More...

06th May 2022

For most owners, being able to deal with the small mishaps your pets get into in their day-to-day life from home, without requiring a trip to the vets, is the ideal scenario. Most pets agree! And there are a lot of different things you can do from home... Read More...

25th November 2021

There are tons of options available these days for feeding your dogs raw. You can do DIY, whole prey, complete & balanced, or a bit of mix and match. Whichever approach you choose, there are various thing you can do to optimise the health of your pet... Read More

11th November 2021

In the raw feeding community, there is an endless debate about whether dogs need fruits and vegetables in their diet or not. I am a huge fan of feeding fruits and vegetables, but I am also quite selective about which ones I choose... Read More

14th January 2021

The Pet Food Manufacturers’ Association (PFMA) is in the final stages of completing a brand-new, world-leading certification scheme for commercial raw producers.The scheme coordinated by independent... Read More