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Optimising A Raw Diet For Your Dog

25th November 2021

There are tons of options available these days for feeding your dogs raw. You can do DIY, whole prey, complete & balanced, or a bit of mix and match. Whichever approach you choose, there are various thing you can do to optimise the health of your pet using their diet. The key centre of raw feeding is Meat, Bone, and Organs. These are essential whichever approach you take and if you don’t get the right amount of these over time then there could be a significant nutritional imbalance. The general guideline is to feed about 10% bone, possibly slightly more in growing dogs depending on size and age, and 10-15% organs, including 5% liver (this can be very rich, so take care with feeding more). With organs, the more variety you can get the better. So kidney, liver, heart, pancreas, brain, etc. In reality, most people can only get the 1st 3. Heart is really a muscle meat, but as it is the hardest working muscle in the body it is a great one to feed. The remaining 75-80% should be meat. Read More...

11th November 2021

In the raw feeding community, there is an endless debate about whether dogs need fruits and vegetables in their diet or not. I am a huge fan of feeding fruits and vegetables, but I am also quite selective about which ones I choose... Read More

14th January 2021

The Pet Food Manufacturers’ Association (PFMA) is in the final stages of completing a brand-new, world-leading certification scheme for commercial raw producers.The scheme coordinated by independent... Read More

08th October 2020

As we say goodbye to Summer and say hello to Autumn the fireworks season is just around the corner. Whilst many families will look forward to celebrating with bonfires and fireworks many dogs and cat... Read More