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Beef & Tripe Meal (500g)

Adult Beef and Tripe is an excellent BARF meal - A complete, nutritious and balanced raw dog food.
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Suitable for adult & puppy dogs.

Beef & Tripe is another of our convenient and healthy raw meals for the active working dog. Your busy dog and his lifestyle, be it agility, track, field or endurance will benefit from everything in this BARF meal. This meal has been designed to provide your dog with specific nutrition to support his working day, from extra protein to increased Vitamin C. Vitamin C will protect your dog's joints and ligaments through times of increased physical stress.

It also has powerful antioxidant properties which help to create a strong immune system, vital for a healthy dog. Of course, being a water soluble Vitamin, any levels not required are naturally excreted through your dog's system. A dog can naturally produce his own Vitamin C (unlike humans) but we have given him a helping hand by supplementing with an extra portion of the wonder herb Parsley. No artificial powders in this Wolf Tucker meal! Suitable for working dogs. VAT FREE.

A complete, nutritious and balanced raw dog food.


60% Beef with Ox Heart, 30% Tripe, 10% Fruit & Vegetables (Parsley, Broccoli, Carrot, Apple), Flax Oil and Seagreens Kelp.

Typical Analysis (g/100g)

Moisture: 69.5
Protein: 17.6
Fat: 10.9
Ash: 1.0
Crude Fibre: 0.4

183 Kcal/100g

500g Tub: Recyclable Tub & Sleeve.
1Kg Bag: Bag

Feeding Guide:
We suggest feeding your adult dog 2% - 3% of their total bodyweight. Ideally you will feed your dog their daily amount over 2 meals during the day.