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Raw Adult Dog Food

Our raw adult dog food is suitable for all dogs from 9 months of age right up through to their senior years. There is usually no reason to move your dog on to a diet specifically aimed at older dogs if you are already feeding them correctly; usually you will just need to alter their intake as they become less energetic.

Ensure you are feeding a combination of our meals so that your dog is benefiting from all the important nutrients. We only use high quality proteins from natural sources, along with fresh fruit, vegetables, Flax Oil and Kelp in Wolf Tucker meals. No grains, additives or preservatives. Why not try our variety pack to make the selection and ordering process easier? We’ve taken a balanced selection of products and put them together into one box; quicker to order; we’ve done the thinking for you and kind to the environment too!

You can feed all Wolf Tucker meals alongside our raw meaty bones; we suggest soft digestible bones such as chicken wings, chicken carcass and lamb ribs. Our marrow bones are a great “work-out” bone; excellent for mental stimulation and oral health but, not recommended as a straight meal replacement.

Feeding your dog the Wolf Tucker way will increase their health, happiness, improve skin and coat quality, boost the immune system, provide a cleaner/healthier mouth with a digestive system that works as it was designed to. Dogs fed the raw feeding (BARF) method are well known to have a healthier body and a happier disposition.

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