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Adult Chicken (500g)

"I've tried all the major raw food suppliers and have settled on Wolf Tucker. My three queue up for this food and the quality is far higher than some other brands that are just a "slop" - this (chicken meal) has real texture and my Beagles are thriving on it." - Miley
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Chicken is a convenient and healthy raw dog food containing 90% chicken and bone for the active working dog. Whether your dog is into track, field, agility or endurance sport you can be assured we have catered for everything in this BARF meal; from extra protein to increased Vitamin C. Naturally a dog can produce its own Vitamin C, however, we supplement this and give nature a helping hand by adding an extra portion of our super ingredient Parsley; everything provided naturally, true to the Wolf Tucker way.

Vitamin C will protect your dog's joints and ligaments through times of increased physical stress. It also has powerful antioxidant properties which help to create a strong immune system, vital for a healthy dog. Of course, being a water soluble Vitamin, any levels not required are naturally excreted through your dog's system. Suitable for working dogs. VAT FREE.


90% Chicken & Bone, 10% Fruit & Vegetables (Parsley, Broccoli, Carrot, Apple), Flax Oil and Seagreens Kelp.

Typical Analysis (g/100g)

Moisture: 66.2
Protein: 17.2
Fat: 11.9
Ash: 3.9
Crude Fibre: 0.5

176 Kcal/100g


Recyclable Tub & Sleeve.

Feeding Guide:
We suggest feeding your adult dog 2% - 3% of their total bodyweight. Ideally you will feed your dog their daily amount over 2 meals during the day.

  1. Yummy   Posted by Sharon Kemp on 2nd Dec 2018

    Both my dogs love this.

  2. Both my dogs love it   Posted by Sharon on 25th Nov 2018

    Both my dogs are raw fed but we decided to changed to Wolf Tucker as our vet mentioned it and the food they were on didn't have that many different flavours. Needless to say the both love it, so looks like we are continuing with Wolf Tucker.

  3. Both my dogs love it.   Posted by Lennor Magill on 4th Nov 2018

    I've been feeding my dogs chicken Wolf Tucker for a while it's one of their favourites . The other is chicken and beef. It's a balanced diet and they love it.
    They've got beautifully soft shiny coats and clean smelling breath.

  4. Value for money   Posted by Mrs Lennor Magill on 15th Mar 2018

    One of my greys is a very picky eater. I have tried many raw foods and this is the only one that he's eaten. He normally finds them too mushy. I certainly recommend this product and brand of raw diet.
    Both Morgan and Rex seem to love the chicken. They now recognizer the box and look forward to eating leaving a sparkling clean bowl.

  5. magic on toast   Posted by Unknown on 31st Dec 2017

    Obi love’s it all ways a clear bowl. I’m partial to spreading some on toast after a long walk it’s magic

  6. great food   Posted by Unknown on 6th Nov 2017

    Haven't tasted it myself but the dog loves it. Packing and delivery also very good

  7. Best food ever tried   Posted by Trevor Cavill on 17th Aug 2017

    We took on an overwight rescue dog that had been mistreated 5 months ago my daughter who is a restraint free dog groomer recommended wolf tucker. He took to it straight away, no waste, no sickness and the weight fell off him. In great condition and vet is very impressed. I would never go back to normal dry or tinned food.
    Ordering it is so easy and it's delivered within 2 days well packaged and still frozen. Just try it and see the difference.

  8. Superb Quality Food   Posted by Miley (and Hounds) on 10th Apr 2016

    I've tried all the major raw food suppliers and have settled on WolfTucker. My three queue up for this food and the quality is far higher than some other brands that are just a "slop" - this has real texture and my Beagles are thriving on it.

    Have to admit, I too struggled with the packaging at first but, now I actually really like it. I get more in my freezer and, to be honest, I transfer it to tupperware anyway so see no issue now.

    You cannot buy a better food than this in my opinion.

  9. Great product, shame about the packaging   Posted by Marie on 25th Jan 2016

    good quality raw food, the dogs definitely approve! The packaging is very un user friendly, ends up all over your hands... would be better in plastic tubs

    but that is the only down side, the dogs coats and weight, look really healthy :)