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Bull Terrier Puppy Loves His Raw Food

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Thought I would send you a little update on our Bull Terrier puppy. We started him off the day after we picked him up on your completes and he is absolutely loving them. In the two weeks that we have nearly had him he is putting on just under 1 Kg per week and is growing nicely. He always looks forward to food time and polishes off your food with no problems. No upset tummy and really good back end too :D 

Will purchase some Beef meals soon to add to the Green TripeChicken and Chicken & Tripe that he has had so far. I hand fed him a chicken wing last week and he absolutely loved it :) safe to say that the he is loving raw feeding and looks brilliant on it! Thanks again for all of your advice and your great food, we have one very happy bull terrier puppy that always looks forward to food time.


​Reducing pain and inflammation by Dr. Mark Elliott

Reducing pain and inflammationThis is a big topic and I can't possibly cover everything, but this should give an overview.How we, and our pets, suffer pain is a highly complex issue, there are a lot of individual factors involved. Where and how the pain happens can affect how much pain that is perceived, there are differences in response between [...]

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Another happy customer...

Another happy customer….“I just wanted to say how happy I am with your company and product. My whippets have been fed on it since we brought them home at 8 weeks and as you can see they are thriving, naughty adolescents! Whenever I have needed some information or advice your staff have always been knowledgeable [...]

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Lumi's stomach troubles are over!

 "It’s early days but her growth and overall advancement is amazing everybody (even the vets!)" Our very first pup, Lumi was picked up from a breeder in Lincoln on January 14th. She is a cross of many Lupine breeds, one of only 600 in the world, relatively new and unknown in terms of successful rearing. [...]

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Talking Raw Meaty Bones with Dr. Vicky Simon

To Bone or Not To Bone……That is the question. At least it’s the question of this blog!A lot of raw feeders who come through my door are happy just feeding the pre-made ground minces containing bone, which nutritionally does give your dog a balanced diet. However, there is more to feeding a raw meaty bone than just nutritional benefits, [...]

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Neutering Your Dog – Making an Informed Decision

Blog post by Dr Mark Elliott BVSc VetMFHom MRCVS MLIHM PCH DSH RSHomIn the UK many vets are now neutering dogs routinely before their first season. As a practice we refuse to do this and to answer why, it is useful to put some facts on record.But quite aside from these facts, our clinical experience suggests we see [...]

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Obesity - The Epidemic that fills Vets with great sorrow

Blog post by Dr. Vicky Simon BVetMed MRCVSObesity is a growing problem amongst both our human and pet populations. It is the most common nutritional disorder in pets, and it is believed that over 30-50% of the pet population in the UK is overweight. In fact, last year the PDSA released a statement saying that fat [...]

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Talking Pet Food - From A Vet's Point Of View

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A life changing decision to switch from kibble to raw

One week after replacing her dry food with Wolf Tucker (Chicken, and Beef and Tripe), the difference in her was incredible!!" Hi Wolf Tucker team. I am so impressed with the change in Ella since we replaced her Kibble with Wolf Tucker raw food. We got her 18 months ago from a working kennels - the game keeper said she [...]

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One fussy whippet can't get enough of Wolf Tucker.

"Dear Wolf Tucker I have always fed raw (mastiff, spaniel and whippet) and have experimented over the years with different brands of raw and mixed foods plus supplements and our own meat or from butchers. We have a new puppy arriving and I was reminding myself of the feeding requirements and came across a recommendation for your food. I [...]

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